12 | 07 | 2024
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CMS WebFramework package

Our full line of electronic media production is able to meet the modern requirements of web-centric designs and integrational services.

For example take our easy CMS WebFramework package  which is the right choice to put your company profile to a full blown, modern web-technology based
website presentation that opens all features of actual state-of-the-art internet designs to you:

  • The easy CMS WebFramework website packages will be optimally pre-configured and tailored to your needs  at fixed cost per site.
  • You can choose a design from different design templates for your website, we take care of the implementation.
  • We take care of providing your content, based on the information you provide to us at simple cost per page.
  • We provide powerful hosting services for the CMS WebFramework  to enable all the modern web-technologies for you without headaches.
  • Fair monthly hosting fees  with clearly structured flat pricings and a 3-month cancellation period  that enables  the freedom of choice that you need.
  • Our site maintainance services keeps you free from bothering about technical tasks, you can focus on perfect design and content of your presentation.

  • The CMS (content management system) based site package offers all advantages of modern multi-user, dynamic content generation.
  • A database centric design enables automated user- and content-management  which is able to bind your customers easier and more closely.
  • Easy editing functions enable you, as well as your clients, to focus on authoring your website articles  instead of managing complicated server setups.
  • The integrated mail-system  with the advantage of the web-based IMAP mailserver  is supported by our mail client integration packages.
  • Again we can take care of your mailbox accounts and all necessary maintainance tasks of the standard configurations.
  • Our system not only stops at the server location  but also helps you to integrate web-services in your desktop machines and your mobile devices.
  • We offer the implementation of multi-user mail client and calendar integration as prepared part of our CMS WebFramework package.
  • Prepared solutions for integration of your media content  as well as flash and movie content  is available in the standard package.

As you might notice from the list above, the idea behind our CMS WebFramework package is to keep your head free from all the unnecessary background
informations that you won't need to know, to define your modern presentation in the internet.
Let us try to solve all these routine server tasks for you so that you can focus on the optimal visualisation and impression of your site instead.

We hope that our complete site services might be interesting for you. Please contact us for more information.

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